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Ideal Subject 

Ideal Subject is an upcoming game produced in Unreal Engine 4. Currently, I am working together with the director and composer in creating the overall sound design for the game. Click on the picture for A link to the trailer, which I also did the audio for.

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Play Cats: Flip!

Play Cats: FLip is a Facebook web game created in Unity. I created the audio assets and music in Logic Pro X. I was also responsible for implementing the sound effects and music into Unity.

Four Colors Four Sides

Four Colors Four Sides is a Unity game for which I was the sole developer for. The audio was created by mixing MIDI samples with recorded sound effects. I also programmed and implemented the sound design in FMOD.

Hot Wheels Smash & Crash

Hot Wheels Smash & Crash is a launcher game created in Haxe by Floor 84 Studio. As the only sound designer, I worked closely with the programmers and artists. I scripted a system in Haxe that would layer sound effects together based on how different objects collide and the speed in which they are colliding. I mixed the obstacle collision audio from various sound libraries in Pro Tools. I also produced the UI sounds in Logic Pro X. 

Batman: Shadow Combat

Batman: Shadow COmbat is a side-scroller stealth-action game created in Haxe by Floor 84 Studio. I was the only sound designer. I worked closely with the artists and programmers. I created the cue sheets, produced sound effects by mixing from multiple libraries, and implemented them in Haxe. 


St-Hell-th is a video game created in Unreal Engine 4.  The game is a First Person Shooter with a  surreal, nightmarish landscape and the sound design reflects that. Working in a team of three, I was involved with the level design, 3D Modeling, and sound Design. Foley was recorded in-studio and mixed using Pro tools and Logic Pro X.


Ricochet is a game I coded using Phaser/Javascript and is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer. I led the development team by mapping out initial design plans, keeping a schedule for all vertical slices, and monitoring all test sessions. I was involved with level design, coding the engine and level editor, and incorporating dynamic music and audio.