TeleVision & FIlm
Moved TO Tiers

Moved To tiers is a live action short film starring two wedding toppers who go on a journey to rekindle their love. Due to a mishap regarding the on-set recorded audio, I handled and implemented all of the sound from foley to mixing in Pro Tools. 

Marshaled Arts

Marshaled Arts is an animated pilot about three creative students fighting against their equally talented STEM students. I did the entire sound design for this scene. 

Field of Reeds

Field of Reeds is an animated thesis film. Working with a team of four, I spotted the film for sound and music cues and created an organized list using Microsoft Excel. I recorded foley in studio using a combination of Me66 shotgun and Sennheiser MKH50 microphones and edited using Pro Tools. I also produced the score in Logic Pro X.

Password: REEDS (all caps)